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Know & Manage Your Security Risk

Information Is Deal Maker In Business

Fraud Costs More in Business

Security Risk Management

Operating in a volatile business environment means challenges can spring up without warning. Deep local knowledge allows us to react swiftly and effectively, no matter where, how or why the crisis has arisen.

We have helped our clients:

  • Carry out a series of threat, vulnerability and risk assessments across a portfolio of hotels
  • Design and train crisis management plans for relevant business risks covering information security, cyber security, fires, floods, medical emergencies, earthquakes, civil unrest and criminal threats
  • Manage security and logistics for a corporate event with thousands of attendees
  • Protect personnel during periods of transition, downsizing and restructuring
  • Assess locations and evaluate facilities’ access points, perimeter and environment
  • Provide comprehensive risk assessments, crisis planning, and training for many international schools across Asia

Corporate Intelligence

Information is the ultimate lever in deal-making. Our team serves as a trusted adviser, ensuring you have the knowledge you need to come out on top and minimize adverse surprises.

We have helped our clients:

  • Carry out background and integrity checks for KYC and client onboarding purposes
  • Provide bespoke pre-employment screening for Executive level hires
  • Perform due diligence to assess the validity of an investment thesis for private equity and hedge fund organisations
  • Evaluate the risk associated with recovering outstanding loans at a bank
  • Provide litigation support for those clients seeking to recover value
  • Develop intelligence for the purposes of market entry

Fraud Risk Management

Corporations are facing increasing pressure from consumers to operate responsibly. Competitive advantage goes to those companies that adopt controls to remove and prevent fraud and corruption, meet compliance standards and enforce accountability and transparency.

We have helped our clients:

  • Discover fraud and theft in a complex supply chain and distribution network
  • Conduct a multi-tier counterfeit investigation, employing undercover monitoring and engaging local authorities to obtain search warrants and assist in enforcement
  • Apply legal, human resources and operational expertise to resolve a conflict of interest at a multinational manufacturing company, securing all parties and company property during the transition
  • Investigate and identify an employee kickback scheme, collusion case and shadow retail network
  • Protect their intellectual property, brand and reputation
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