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We provide independent, objective, professional security advice and solutions to better protect your assets while preventing losses and reducing operating costs.
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About Siva RP, CPP, PSP

Security Consultant

Seasoned Professional with advanced skills in leadership, change management, facilitation, and presentation, conflict resolution, written and verbal communication, ability to influence stakeholders and engage their support and consensus, strong communication skills including a high degree of listening skills.

Recognized as strategic and subject matter expert with extensive knowledge of security management, documentation & audits, crisis management, employee security, and intelligence principles, practices, and policies in a large multi-business environment.

Have in-depth knowledge of risk management, security operations, and emergency & crisis response programs.

Experienced in managing security programs and processes across multi-cultures with a proven record of accomplishment and leading strategic, regional teams in a fast-paced, high visibility environment.

Have a proven ability to coordinate cross-functional initiatives with a variety of stakeholders across the management layers.

How Do I Know If We Need Security Consulting?

What is Security Consulting?

Security Consulting is a practice in which the security subject matter expert will carry out an independent assessment of your current security program. which uncovers the current state of your security program, whether it is meeting your business needs and as per current security threats and any gaps that could have a serious impact on your business survival and continuity. 

This practice consists of various activities such as conducting security risk assessments,  physical security auditing, developing security countermeasures. designing Physical Security Systems and so on

How Do I Know if Security Consulting Is Right for us?

You had a recent security incident that you security team did not detect or prevent.

You employee complain about your security team.

You get the sense that your security team lack expertize.

You are starting new business.

You are expanding your existing business operations.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

We had worked the privilege of working for many established companies across industries. But that does not stop us from providing security solutions to startup companies, entrepreneurs, or small business owners.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?


Do You Invest In Startup Companies?


Contact us to know how you can better protect your assets, prevent losses and reduce operating costs

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